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Legal help amid the COVID-19 pandemic

In a time of great uncertainty our legal team offers necessary help to mitigate risk, and navigate the many legal and business challenges posed by the outbreak of COVID-19.

As we are facing global challenges brought on by the rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2 it is crucial that your business is ready with solutions to address risk issues as they arise.

Our dedicated team of lawyers is ready to provide assistance in all areas related to the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on your business and personal matters in Poland.

As the situation unfolds, we are guiding clients on:

- Force majeure in commercial contracts, leases and supply agreements
- Workforce and workplace Issues
- Supply chain disruptions and business interruptions
- Contractual nonperformance and related claims
- Family law obligations

In all COVID-19 related matters requiring immediate attention please contact:

or call our lawyers:


Michał Kaczmarzyk


tel. 509 528 228


Dawid Karolczyk


tel. 660 470 989

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