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About us

At CONSILIUS we achieve optimal solutions - whatever your specific problem may be.


From simple disputes to the most complicated cases, our focus is on value – helping you and your company to win.


We understand that your business and your needs are unique. Professionalism and dedication are our core values.

An experienced team of lawyers

Lawyers at CONSILIUS are not only well-educated and seasoned professionals but also people with the highest level of ethical integrity who employ the legal strategies necessary to advance your best interests.

Discretion and flexibility

Clients new to Poland and our legal system may wonder - can I trust my lawyer with sensitive information? Rest assured that for us, confidentiality is not just an ethical duty, but also a core value of the firm. We keep your information confidential without exception. In our experience, this approach is essential to ensure a relationship of trust and candor with our clients.

Readiness to undertake the most ambitious tasks

In our practice we deal with a vast scope of legal matters. Each case, even the smallest one can turn out to be a true challange and enlightening experience, which is why we always approach each task with enthusiasm and dedication.

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