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CHF mortgages

Some 600,000 customers took CHF-indexed and denominated bank loans to buy property in Poland, among them numerous foreign individuals seeking safe and reliable investment on the fast-growing market of the new EU member state. The popularity of this kind of loans peaked between 2006 and 2008 when the CHF to PLN exchange rate was particularly favourable to Polish currency.

Legal help for CHF mortgage holders

Since the FX-indexation mechanism makes the customers prone to serious consequences of the currency fluctuation the contractual clauses imposed by the lenders containing indexation are often deemed unfair and abusive. Therefore, many customers decide to file the lawsuit against the bank in order to have the entire loan agreement annulled or simply the indexation clause removed. The potential savings for mortgage borrowers are significant, and may be equal to the amount borrowed.


The recent ECJ’s ruling of October 3, 2019 (C-260/18) has strengthened the position of plaintiffs in the actions against the banks.


Our legal team has a vast experience in representing clients in a range of legal matters related to CHF-indexed matters.


We are focused on obtaining the best possible outcome for every case. 


Our services include:

•    The calculation of the overpaid instalments;

•    The assessment of the profitability of the transformation CHF loan into a PLN one;

•    Full range of legal services in obtaining a favourable court judgement to have the loan agreement annulled or the abusive clauses removed from the agreement.


If you believe your loan agreement may contain prohibited clauses do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be glad to review your agreement and assess your claims free of charge.

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