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Polish (EU) citizenship

Have you ever been curious about your Polish roots?

Your name sounds tricky to your compatriots and you wish to discover its origins?

With our professional help, you may get to know your family’s history and eventually find yourself eligible for Polish citizenship!

We are helping numerous international clients with Polish ancestry to reclaim their Polish citizenship to let them fully benefit from having an EU member state passport.

Our team of experienced lawyers and citizenship specialists will help you in sorting out your ancestral background.


If you already have some archive documents relating to your ancestor’s Polish origins do not hesitate to send them to us in order to get a preliminary verification of your eligibility for Polish citizenship.


We are helping in retrieving archival documents and guiding through the maze of procedural issues on your way to have your citizenship confirmed and to receive Polish passport. 


Can I make any use of a Polish passport if I am not going to settle in Poland?


Certainly, you can! Polish citizenship can bring a lot of benefits. It includes the right to settle anywhere in the EU without residence permits etc., to buy property without legal limitations, to travel conveniently on a high-ranked passport (#5 Global Passport Power Rank) and to study at European universities among others.


If you want to verify your eligibility don’t hesitate to get in touch, we will be glad to assess your situation free of charge. ​


You may reach us at or enquire directly with members of our team:


Marta Jagła
Of counsel, citizenship specialist


Michał Kaczmarzyk

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